Our lead time on shed & garages is 14 weeks.
We also have sheds on location that are available to purchase.
Some of Our Most Popular Models . . .
Garden Shed
Corner Nook
Two Stories
New England Barn
High Barn
Garden Shed
Sugar Shack

Shed Styles

We know that most people know their sheds by the outline of the roof. Our sheds are grouped into categories by roof style to make it easy for you to find the building you are looking for. Select the categories at the top to view examples.


Country Structures Outdoor Storage Shed Styles DreamSpace A-FrameA-frame:  This is our basic peak roof building. It has a low 5/12 pitch roof, and small overhangs.
Country Structures Outdoor Shed Styles DreamSpace Garden ShedGarden:  Although this style features a peak roof like the A-frame, it differentiates itself by its steeper roof pitch, larger 8″ overhangs, and sturdy hurricane strap fasteners for each rafter.
Country Structures Outdoor Storage Shed Amish Quality DreamSpace VictorianVictorian:  Essentially a Garden Shed with the addition of a reverse gable dormer in front. Placed anywhere along your front wall, many of our customers position the dormer over their doors, a set of windows, or a porch.
Country Structures Garden Quaker Shed Amish Quality Garden Shed DreamSpaceGarden Quaker:  This building is a combination of the Garden Shed and Quaker styles. You get all of the features of the Garden Shed (steeper pitch roof, 8″ side and rear overhangs, and hurricane clips) with the wall heights and 18″ front overhang of the Quaker.
Country Structures Outdoor Storage Shed Quaker Amish Made Quality DreamSpaceQuaker:  On this style, the front wall is higher than the rear wall, which gives the roof a bit of an offset. It also has an 18″ overhang in front, with small overhangs on the other three sides. You can upgrade to a Garden Quaker, which gives you 8″ overhangs sides & back and a steeper roof. 
Country Structures Outdoor Storage Shed Hip Roof Style DreamSpaceHip Roof:  With all four sides sloping downwards, the Hip Roof can have a center ridge line if the building is rectangular, or feature a perfect peak on square buildings. Available as a modification to either A-frame, Garden or Victorian buildings.
Country Structures Amish Barn Structure DreamSpace High Barn Roof LineHigh Barn:  This classic “gambrel”-style roofline has three ridges – one on the peak, and one on either side to create a second, steeper pitch along the outer edges. This allows for ample vertical space inside the building or the addition of a loft.
Country Structures Outdoor Storage Shed Styles DreamSpace Dutch Colonial Style RoofDutch Colonial:  Based off of the High Barn, this roofline adds a Dutch-style “flared” eave for that extra touch.
Country Structures Amish Barn Structure DreamSpace Mini BarnMini-Barn:  Also based off of the High Barn, this entry-level building features low 4′ side walls with a gambrel roof.
Country Structures Outdoor Storage Shed New England Amish Made Quality DreamSpaceNew England Barn:  We created this style with the goal of balancing maximum storage space and efficient installation. The building is transported with the roof folded down flat; when installed on-site, its steep roofline allows for a very spacious, heavy-duty loft that covers half the interior of the building. There are many options for customization – please ask!


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