Our lead time on shed & garages is 14 weeks.
We also have sheds on location that are available to purchase.
Some of Our Most Popular Models . . .
Garden Shed
Corner Nook
Two Stories
New England Barn
High Barn
Garden Shed
Sugar Shack

Our Delivery Process


Before you purchase a new structure, you should ensure that you have adequate access to the site where your structure will go. The next step will be to make sure you have properly prepared your site (read more about site preparation).

Now it’s time to officially make it yours – on your property. Our goal in moving it from Site A to Home B is to make it one very smooth ride.

Depending on your site access, the size of your building, and a few other factors, there are three different delivery methods we may use to make the move.


Delivery by Truck & Trailer

In order to safely reach your prepared pad, we will need enough room to maneuver. Typically a space that is 2′ wider than your new DreamSpace™. If there are any turns that need to be navigated, let us know; we’ll have to calculate some additional maneuverability. Our delivery crew will also need at least a 14-foot-high clearance to navigate. Also check for any tree branches, wires or other potential hazards in the way.

We’ll definitely be asking you about such things when you order. But having all that information ready to go does make the journey that much easier.

There is one final consideration: weather and property conditions. The last thing we want to do is get our truck and trailer stuck in the mud on your beautiful property. So we do need to be driving on ground that’s dry enough to accommodate all those wheels.

To see the whole process in action, take a look at the slideshow above.


Delivery by “Mule”

We might be in the business of providing Amish-made sheds, but no, we don’t deliver by the four-legged kind of mule. What we’re talking about here is a small, all-terrain mini-forklift that’s much more accommodating space-wise than a bulky truck and trailer.

Just because your yard or property doesn’t offer immediately easy access doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. We’re all about thinking and working outside the box when it comes to every aspect of our business. If it’s going to make life easier for you, you’d better believe we’ve considered it.

It’s not uncommon at all for us to hear about a delivery situation that requires some extra wiggle room. It might be due to tight landscaping corners… those wires and branches we mentioned before… or even softer ground.

When we know to expect such things, we bring in our mule. The lighter forklift features wide flotation tires that can handle some significant weight. And all by itself too. No need to bring in the big rigs. Plus, the mule comes at no extra charge to you.

If you’re looking at your landscaping, shaking your head about the truck and trailer option, not to worry. Let us know about your particular situation, and we’ll discuss what can work.


Built On-Site

Every once in a while, even the mule just can’t manage the tight turns or obstacles a yard has to offer. But again, we’re committed to making this work for you. And we’re ready to show it.

When the truck won’t do and the mule can’t cut it, we will build your structure on-site. Landscaping shouldn’t keep you from your organizational, entertainment, profit-oriented and relaxation goals. So when the going gets tough, Riehl Structures gets going.

We will deliver your building in a kit form, with the floor and walls pre-assembled in modular sections. All we need is a walkway or gate to access the spot you’d like us to build on. We’ll walk each individual piece of your structure to the site and put it up right in front of you.

This also is necessary with the larger buildings we offer, since they can’t fit on a truck bed to begin with. Check out the video below showing one of our large barns being built on-site.



Regardless of what you’re looking for and what we’re working with, we should have a solution. Together, we can build something beautiful.